A piercing unit is put in the outlet of the tank and straight into the inliner within the tank to allow the beer to flow out of the tank. The piercing unit is then linked to a beer distributor to dispense the beer to a tap or speed filler.

A safety valve regulates the pressure in the tank when filling or emptying the inliner. This safety valve allows to both set and alter the pressure.

Beer distributors are used to dispense the beer from the tank to the beer line, also known as a python. The Stainless Steel distributors are directly placed on the outlet of the tank and connected to a python. The distributor divides the beer between the separate lines in the python.

These separate lines run up to the beer tap. Within the python, also cooling lines are fitted to cool the beer up to the tap. The beer distributors are available with 2 to 8 exits.

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