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The purpose of the audit is to identify critical locations of each section of the plant, provide a plan and solutions for their elimination or optimization, monitor the current situation and identify the causes of quality deficiencies or taste defects of beer.

We pay great attention to technological nuances that lead to higher production costs. Their optimization will bring you significant qualitative and financial benefits.

The duration of the technological audit depends on the task. Initial audit is from 3 to 5 business days.

The result of the audit is the presentation of a report describing the shortcomings and suggesting corrective actions..

We do not do your daily routine work and do not delve into interpersonal relationships with plant employees. We are focused on solving your problems and are independent therefore objective.

In our activities we strive to adhere to the principles of collaboration with your technologists. Due to the fact that you know your equipment well and we have rich experience in solving these or similar problems, we very quickly find and apply the necessary solutions. Thus, along with achieving a specific goal, we share our experience with your staff.


1. Audit of mail mill technology and brewing departement operations.


2. Audit of the propagation process (Yeast extraction system).


3. Audit of the system / technology for cooling and aeration of the wort, as well

as wort piping.


4. Audit of the fermentation and camp department for loading / unloading and the effectiveness of SIP.

5. Audit of prefabricated containers for loading / unloading and CIP efficiency.


6. Factory air supply system audit.

7. Audit of the plant supply system with sterile carbon dioxide and/or nitrogen.


8. Audit of filtration technology.


9. Audit of the plant supply systems: cold water, hot water, heating steam, culinary steam.


10. Audit of the line (pipeline) of beer supply on the bottling line.


11. Audit of the filling line operations.


12. Microbiological monitoring of all departments of the technological chain.


13. Organization of internal tasting.


14. Joint brewing.

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