ABWM Group together with Bavaria company launched a new tank beer project in North Ossetia

The plant has successfully developed and brought to the market its own columns for filling from tanks (special stainless steel containers) in the form of CCT. Bavaria is producing special PET bottles with a CCT design already.

The purpose of such an original design solution is not only to attract the attention of potential consumers of the product and win their attention but also to convey the main idea of ​​the project - the freshness of the product and the maximum closeness of its flavor profile to beer from a fermenting vessel. The foamy drink does not get air and the taste remains as the brewer intended.

Minimarkets of Bavaria became the starting points for tank beer sales. 60 retail outlets will be equipped with tanks in Vladikavkaz in total. The next task is expansion into Kabardino-Balkaria, Caucasian Mineral Waters and Stavropol with adjacent territories. Then Rostov and Novocherkassk are next in line and then - as distributors are deployed.

According to a representative of Bavaria company: “Tanks are an unconditional trend. Our company puts its hopes on this project. We need it in order to grow and move on a new stages of development of sales and quality. It has always been important for Bavaria  to raise their standards. "

ABWM Group together with the Bavaria brewery (Vladikavkaz) launched a new tank beer project from Duotank in North Ossetia.

avaria has ordered 200 tanks with a capacity of 500 liters for the beginning. A special vehicles equipped with several tanks for beer were ordered in addition to the tanks. 

A live unpasteurized beer from the plant will be delivered to customers using these containers.