Doemens Academy has been an international educational center for professional development and consulting for the brewing and food industries for over 100 years.



  • Forge for leaders in the brewing, beverage and food Industries

  • Market leader in technical training for industry and manufacturing

  • Highly qualified Doemens specialists with versatile beverage know-how

  • Closely interlocking theory and practice

  • World renowned technical training center

  • Modern learning laboratory facilities

  • International networking

  • Customized, flexible solutions


Dr. Albert Doemens laid the foundation for today's Doemens philosophy more than 120 years ago:

"The intention is to give students the practical experience they need, to sharpen their observational skills and train their senses, to build a solid foundation for a successful brewing career"

1895  Founding in Munich

1966  Move to the newly built school building in Gräfelfing

1980  Establishment of the Doemens Technical Center and retooling of the Master Program
  as a Technical School

1985  Establishment of the Doemens Experimental and Teaching Brewery (5 hl)

1989  Start professional development program Processed Food Master

2000  Founding of the World Brewing Academy (WBA)

2004  Start first Beer Sommelier course

2005  Start professional development partnership with Roche, inc.

2010  Establishment of dispensing systems technological training

2011  Start first Water Sommelier course

2019  Start first Fruit Juice Sommelier course


Likeable, passionate, visionary, approachable, competent, committed!

Team players, networkers, trendsetters.