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We design, complete, supply, assemble and commission the complete equipment of mini-breweries with brewing capacity from 5 to 60 hl / boiling cold wort.

We professionally carry out all types of installation, welding and commissioning. It is not enough to buy a first-class equipment because it still needs to be properly installed and run.

Our company has extensive experience in optimizing equipment from Steinecker and Huppmann companies.

We do not have a standard concept! And it cannot be, all are individually!


During the launch of the factories, we use our own recipes. We brew classic and special beers.


The basis of success and the key to the beer quality is production hygiene and the exclusion of "dead" zones. We plan technological chains so that it is possible to produce almost all types of beer using the majority of technological methods known in the world.


Then we go to you to get acquainted with the main data of your project:


  • Planned capacity;

  • Drawings of your premises;

  • Your requirements for the range of products, type of distribution and method of bottling;

  • Your resources (water, electricity, gas).


We will prepare for you:


  1. Initial price offer (perfect package according to your goals);

  2. Drawings of workshops and equipment placement;

  3. Information about the construction of the brewery project.


The main stage of negotiations takes place at our factory in Germany:

  1.  Discussion of drawings, technologies and technical solutions;

  2. We will explain to you how each type of equipment works with illustrative examples at our brewery;

  3. You will taste a beer made on the equipment that we offer you;

  4. We will answer all the questions that interest you;

  5. We will discuss all the details of your project and your expectations. We’ll clarify our proposal so that it is fully consistent with your concept and your capabilities.


 1.  We receive your order, agree on the delivery time equipment and putting it into operation.

2.  Before concluding the contract we agree on all stages of the project: preparation of equipment from our side, the order of construction work on your part.


3.  We accompany the entire installation process of equipment and at the same time we are training your staff.


4.  After starting the equipment together we make the first brewing with you.


5.  We will train your brewerand your staff.


6.  After the transfer of equipment to operation we can provide consulting services.



*  We carry out calculations and make optimal technological decisions in collaboration with many well-known companies.

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