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Our company works closely with the Fleisbachcher brewery in Germany.


You or your employees can receive training and get practice by working in a brewery at the same time as theory.


You will learn all the subtleties and nuances of beer production.


The brewery has test brewing (500 l.) for the joint development of your new beer, taking into account your desires and requirements. Further, we can introduce the cooked recipe at your factory. Test cooking is much cheaper than experiments at your production site, since all technology is worked out on a small volume with minimal costs for raw materials and personnel.

You can sell brewed beer in your own country under your own brand.

Want to learn how to brew beer and want us to design and brew for you beer - come to us!

Raise the level of professional competence of your staff - this is the best investment!


Fleisbacher is a young company based on the experience of the best specialists in the brewing industry.

The production is located in the German village Fleisbach. This place was not chosen by chance: as you know, good beer starts with clean water. Excellent ecological conditions, coupled with the quality and composition of the local water, are ideal for making unique beers and other drinks.

In addition, Fleisbach is not just a brewery. This is a specialized platform uniting various specialists from the beer industry.

The most modern equipment is regularly tested here (the latest technical developments of the Swiss company M&L which is one of the world leaders in the implementation of beer filtration technologies for example).

Also together with Doemens Academy the plant conducts examinations in the field of microbiological quality control, develops new types of beer, trains tasting commissions and implements other projects that contribute to the development of the beer industry around the world.

Contact us to find out all the details!

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